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Principal's Message

“The secret of life is not merely enjoyment,
But education through experience

Sugni Devi Arya Girls Sr. Sec. School; has set a milestone providing quality education, keeping the requirement of the 21st century in mind that demands innovative ideas, which further, of course, is the product of creative minds. A holistic personality, reflects not only knowledge but also its execution in correct form. Our school always promotes and supports the ideologies which are based on Indian culture and traditions in order to make its learners capable of facing the challenges of life confidently who are well versed with global skills. We nurture talent through languages, computation, application, reasoning, aesthetic, intellectual (AI) and vocational trainings. We understand and accept the changes in each field to make our learners a global citizen with an attitude of attaining sustainable development.

Besides this, safety and security of our learners has always been our priority. We provide fearless learning atmosphere to each learner to derive out their full potential.

We enrich our teachers with the 21st century skills through workshops and trainings, so that they can hold the hand of each learner in the path of success. In this journey of education, the undeterred trust of our valuable parents is quintessential and always welcomed.

Therefore, here in Sugni Devi Arya Girls Sr. Sec. School, we are determined to impart education by which a strong character is formed, strength of mind is increased and intellect is expanded to make our learners stand on their own feet.