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Manager Message

It gives me full satisfaction when I see this small seedling planted many years ago in the form of Sugni Devi Arya Sr. Sec. School; grow as a big fruitful tree. The affiliation of the institute with CBSE, New Delhi, recently has refreshed our thoughts and goals.

The institution founded on the ideals of Arya Samaj and Swami Dayanand Sarasvati is in true sense a temple of education. The girl students, in addition to academic knowledge, are also given training in Vedas, Indian culture, house keeping, nutrition, hygiene, child development and vocational skills. There is always a sense of Patriotism, respect for elders and community feeling among our students.

At the same time, our main motto is that no student of ours should lag behind in the competitive age of science and technology. For updating the whole infrastructure, we have renovated the whole campus. Introduction of ultra modern and fully equipped laboratories is a step to make the children keep informed to latest development. The management is fully resolved to add anything to the existing system which is for the upliftment of education standard of girls.

We are of the opinion that our daughters living in villages and remote areas should not be devoid of any facility which is necessary for imparting education in today's age. For this, we have been trying our best to connect each and every village in the periphery of the town with transport. We are planning to add some more school buses to the existing fleet of six big buses and two mini vans to ferry children. With the blessings of God, the institution has earned a name and fame in the whole region. For this, I am grateful to the team of dedicated workers skillfully lead by a very dynamic principal, Ms. Meenakshi Chhabra, who have been working day and night for bringing the institute to scaling heights. The staff treats the institute as their second home which proves their sense of belongingness to the school.

We have been trying our best to enthuse among all the staff members a sense of professionalism required for surviving in this competitive age of modern education in which more emphasis is given to holistic development instead of only bookish knowledge to students.

For this purpose, we have been holding seminars and other programmes to update the teaching skills of all the staff members. Experts from various fields are invited from time to time to share their experiences with the teachers to have a healthy interaction of intellectuals.