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Management Desk


Meenakshi Chhabra

Sugni Devi Arya Girls Sr. Sec. School, Ladwa, one of the premiere educational institutions of the town does not require any formal introduction. This high seat of learning was founded by a generous donor and philanthropist of the town, Late Lala Ram Prashad, in the year 1955 by donating nearly 55 acres of land. The main objective of establishing this institute was to provide quality education to girls.

Since then we have been following the footsteps shown by the great visionaries of the town who nurtured this sapling to be matured into fruitful trees of a beautiful Girls hailing from nearly fifteen nearby villages have been getting education here and there is a well managed transport fleet consisting of 8 school buses to ferry the girls from these places.

The ongoing session has been a hallmark in the history of the institution. This year, a new feather has been added to our cap when CBSE, New Delhi, granted affiliation to the institution upto 10+2 level. To provide modern education in the field of science and technology, the whole campus has been connected through Wi-Fi conncectivity.Computer lab. has been in the process of renovation to meet the latest needs of the hour. The web site of the school was also launched for the benefit of students and parents.Besides, very recently, state-of-the-art science laboratories have been made functional in a new building. The board results have been exemplary with most of the students excelling not only well in the academics but in co-scholastic areas also.

Our vision is not only to produce degree holders but empowering the women in different spheres of life especially in the field of medicine looking into the scarcity of qualified and competent doctors in the country.Still miles to go before we sleep.


Dinesh Kumar Goel

I feel proud to be associated with Sugni Devi Arya Sr. Sec. School, Ladwa. The institute has been progressing by leaps and bounds for the last many years. Way back in the year 1955, when the institution was established by some philanthropists of Ladwa town, the sole aim of those great visionaries was to empower women through education.

After so many years of inception, I feel we have succeeded in our mission. The girls who have completed their courses of studies from the institute have been doing very well in their professional lives. Many girl students of our school have been working in Multi National Companies and have earned a name and fame for them. Besides, some of them have entered various other professional fields like banking, education, hotel industry, management, engineering and medical etc. The institute is really boasts of these gems who have given true meaning to women empowerment.

It is a matter of great pleasure that only this year CBSE, New Delhi has granted affiliation to the institution upto 10+2 level. With introduction of CBSE system, I hope we would fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the students, parents and citizens of the town in the same manner as we had been doing when Haryana Board system was on. With this,we have got the distinction of having the only girls CBSE-affiliated school in the entire area.

The staff over the years has been doing a great job in bringing the school at par with other quality educational institutions of the region. The philosophy of the institution is that we believe in team work. This team has a common goal and destination which is the growth of the institution through holistic development of the children.

As far as academics are concerned, the students have been showing great annual board results year after year. It was not at all possible without the efforts and hard work put in by the teachers. In addition to it, the students of the school have also been doing very well in co-curricular activities. Only recently a cultural programme presented by the school cultural club was telecast by DD National and was well appreciated by the audience.

I am grateful to all the great personalities who in the past contributed a lot in the progress of the institute. At the same time, I have no words to express my gratitude to the present governing body of the institute whose members have been rendering selfless service to the society. Working as a family, the management members, putting their own work and profession on second priority, have always been at the disposal of the institute. It is as if some missionaries have been watering a plant and looking after its growth.


Jagat Parkash Gupta

It gives me full satisfaction when I see this small seedling planted many years ago in the form of Sugni Devi Arya Sr. Sec. School; grow as a big fruitful tree. The affiliation of the institute with CBSE, New Delhi, recently has refreshed our thoughts and goals.

The institution founded on the ideals of Arya Samaj and Swami Dayanand Sarasvati is in true sense a temple of education. The girl students, in addition to academic knowledge, are also given training in Vedas, Indian culture, house keeping, nutrition, hygiene, child development and vocational skills. There is always a sense of Patriotism, respect for elders and community feeling among our students.

At the same time, our main motto is that no student of ours should lag behind in the competitive age of science and technology. For updating the whole infrastructure, we have renovated the whole campus. Introduction of ultra modern and fully equipped laboratories is a step to make the children keep informed to latest development. The management is fully resolved to add anything to the existing system which is for the upliftment of education standard of girls.

We are of the opinion that our daughters living in villages and remote areas should not be devoid of any facility which is necessary for imparting education in today's age. For this, we have been trying our best to connect each and every village in the periphery of the town with transport. We are planning to add some more school buses to the existing fleet of six big buses and two mini vans to ferry children. With the blessings of God, the institution has earned a name and fame in the whole region. For this, I am grateful to the team of dedicated workers skillfully lead by a very dynamic principal, Ms. Meenakshi Chhabra, who have been working day and night for bringing the institute to scaling heights. The staff treats the institute as their second home which proves their sense of belongingness to the school.

We have been trying our best to enthuse among all the staff members a sense of professionalism required for surviving in this competitive age of modern education in which more emphasis is given to holistic development instead of only bookish knowledge to students.

For this purpose, we have been holding seminars and other programmes to update the teaching skills of all the staff members. Experts from various fields are invited from time to time to share their experiences with the teachers to have a healthy interaction of intellectuals.

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